IMPACT: Into 2020 and Beyond

At the Intersection of Humanity and Technology, Logic and Love

As we enter the next decade, set amongst a backdrop of environmental, social and political disruption, what will the future of work, education and leadership look like? And how might humans keep apace and maintain their relevance alongside the growth of exponential technologies? 

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first book, IMPACT: Into 2020 and Beyond. In it, we uncover the answers to these questions and more, as we share, for the first time, insights gathered from leaders and thought champions across a diverse range of industry, government and education sectors, who gathered together at this year’s SingularityU Summit Australia. Days after we returned from gathering the collective intelligence of these brilliant hearts and minds, thunderbolts struck the forestries of our home town in Port Macquarie, setting off some of the most devastating fires ever experienced in NSW. As local legends lept into action in response to the crisis, we observed first hand the very qualities we had unpacked and explored in conversation just days before. Where the Summit called on curious hearts and minds, the crisis in our home town called on courageous and compassionate acts of impact. 

The insights and stories shared in the pages of this book have two purposes: to prepare you and your people for impact so that you can dream, design and deliver solutions to some of the greatest challenges ever faced by our people and the planet, and importantly, as a token of gratitude for all those who have given, and continue to give, so much to our home town. We have not, and cannot, name them all – so, to those quiet heroes who do not find their names amongst the pages, we thank you, too. We know the world will be inspired to join you in your shared courage and conviction. 

In the pages that follow, you’ll discover:

  • How and why businesses around the world are shifting toward impact 
  • The human needs and cultural characteristics essential for driving impact
  • The mindset qualities that prepare people for meaningful social, environmental and governance action
  • The qualities your people will need to prepare for disruption and contribute positive value in the future of work
  • How together, we will foster life-long learning and close the gap between education and employment
  • The qualities of effective leadership that will help people navigate the muddy waters of change
  • How you can start your own impact journey today 

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For a limited time, we are pleased to present our first book, IMPACT: Into 2020 and Beyond. Creating a wave of change for the benefit of people and the planet,  free of charge. Feel like it’s worth a few dollars? We would love for you to pay it forward to a charitable cause close to your heart, whether by financial contribution or in donating your time and unique superpowers. Click here to place your order, stating your preference of e-book or audiobook, and we will deliver the file directly to your inbox as soon as it is released! Get ready to join us as we enter into a decade of exponential impact!

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