Three Tips to Support a Meaningful Move

One of the most significant transitions you might ever make involves moving home. And the longer you’ve lived somewhere, the harder that move can be. Yet transitions also present a time of opportunity, as we celebrate the closing of one chapter and welcome the opening of another. Positive psychology and its study of human flourishing shares so many simple and powerful strategies. With a little practice, we can each learn how to ensure periods of change provide opportunity for meaningful growth.

This month, we have the privilege of presenting at the upcoming Sovereign Hills Downsizers event to share practical strategies for infusing more meaning into the process of downsizing. Keen for a glimpse into the strategies we’ll be sharing? Jump over to Sovereign Hills website for our latest blog, ‘Three Tips to Support a Meaningful Move’.

And, if you’re considering downsizing, or know someone who is, be sure to register and secure your free tickets to the upcoming seminar, held at Port Macquarie Golf Club on Wednesday, 31st July 2019.

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