Purposeful Women Series – Elissa Veitch

Welcome to Part 4 of our Purposeful Women Series, in celebration of International Women’s Day. If you’re just joining the series, be sure to go back and check our earlier interviews here:

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Today, we introduce you to someone who’s been with us since the beginning of our own purpose journey of establishing the Posify Group; our young and fearless youth ambassador, Elissa Veitch.

We first met Liss 5 years ago as a Year 7 student who impressed us immediately with her go-getter attitude and desire to contribute to her community. Since then she’s raised over $3000 for childhood cancer, been an integral youth member of The Posify Group and has recently been appointed as Youth Ambassador for Rustic Pathways. In addition to smashing out Year 12 studies, she has big dreams to contribute to sustainability projects on a global level and we think she’s well on her path. She took 5 minutes to chat with us about her own purpose journey.



Elissa, it has been a privilege and pleasure to watch you grow over the years and move closer towards your purpose goals. Tell us about the moment you first connected with this purpose.

I have always aspired to do something big for the greater world around me and to help in any way I can. I started off small, and as life went on I got some amazing opportunities such as going overseas to Fiji on a service project with Rustic Pathways. From there I experienced another life and I found one of my greatest passions – embracing myself in other cultures and tackling the big issues of the world. When I first immersed myself in someone else’s world that’s when I first saw the spark of my purpose.

What characteristics do you believe young women would benefit from as they embark on their own purpose journey? 

Two characteristics I believe help to ignite a young women’s purpose journey are resilience and passion. Being able to get back up after a set back is a powerful tool. In today’s world there are many challenges and being able to see setbacks as a learning experience will help greatly in finding your way on this journey. This, alongside a passion for what you are doing no matter what it might be, enables you to inspire others and put your best work forward. I also think an important thing to do when trying to discover your purpose is to stay connected. Look at those around you, those that inspire you, that is what I think best helps discover yourself and your purpose.

What do you consider a must-read, watch or listen for young women hoping to discover their purpose?

A good read for the teen audience that helped me on my journey is ‘Finding your Path’ by Amba Brown. I highly recommend checking it out and the awesome words of wisdom it holds within its pages. 

What wish do you have for the young women of today?

As a teenager, I understand finding your purpose can be a huge step and it may remain blurry. I want everyone reading to know that you are making progress and doing an awesome job. Do not give up. I wish for you to be proud of yourself and the work you are doing; the fact you are making a move is incredible. Keep up the good work, and strive for greatness.

Thank you for giving up a few minutes of your time to share your journey with us, Elissa. With the juggle of school, family life and the pursuit of your passions, we are super impressed with the way you effectively balance your commitments and hobbies. We’re confident our young readers will be inspired by your journey so far and use your words to help them along their own purpose path.

Think Rustic Pathways may be of interest to you? Check them out here.

Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow as we introduce you to a courageous woman who gave up her job to launch wholeheartedly into her own purpose journey; Founder of Thrivhers, Julia Chalon.

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