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The Posify Group offers workshops and programs of varying lengths to suit the classrooms, schools, and communities we work with. We are also available for keynote presentations on a wide range of well-being topics, with a special interest in youth purpose, meaning and engagement. Below are examples of youth-targeted programs we currently run. Each program can be manipulated according to your context, with supporting teacher professional development and parent education also available. We can work with you to integrate workshops into your existing curriculum programs and can develop specific workshops, programs or presentations according to your needs and programming.

Project YOU

Meaning and purpose propel student engagement from blah to boom! In this series, expect to unleash your unique interests, strengths and skills. Utilising the power of purpose-driven passions, Project You promises to unpack all the practical ways young people can formulate a personal brand and “Why Story” that aligns with their values. The science of motivation has never been funkier and more relevant, as we lean into individual interests that translate into transferable soft skills required for our ever-changing work landscape.

From Stress to Success

Stress. The ultimate buzz kill right? But what if you could change your mindset and see your natural stress responses as a gateway to success?

Drawing on the latest scientific research, this series explores how and why the brain and body experiences stress, then presents an alternative pivot, whereby optimal stress is explored as a key motivator and engagement enhancer. Developed for senior students in mind, this workshop is ideal for anyone looking to optimize their natural energy levels and achieve work-life balance.

Lion Ladies

At The Posify Group, we believe in a world where female leadership is a given and the presence of women in community and business flourishes. More than ever before, our girls of today are being challenged to be the leaders of tomorrow. To add to their existing awesomeness, this series will prepare our girls for the competitive world at their feet, by introducing them to the benefits that lie in the application of assertive communication. It’s a well-established fact that female strength derives from the power of connection. Lion Ladies aims to capitalise and build upon this strength, unpacking the vulnerabilities of our girls that so often act as obstacles to their inner roar. Through practical strategies and lessons from social psychology, this series promises to optimise the self-confidence every girl possesses, because now more than ever, the world needs to hear her roar.

These programs can be condensed into shorter workshops, with key points addressed and follow up activities recommended, or expanded into retreats where participants can immerse themselves in the theory and practice of working towards their best possible selves. 
To book a program or workshop, or for more information, contact us on or contact us via our “Connect” page.
Looking for something else?
Get in touch. We offer a wide range of workshops, programs and coaching within the wellbeing and engagement space, in addition to the programs mentioned above. And…if by chance what you need doesn’t fall into something we can do, we’ll do our best to match you up with people who can help. We’re all about playing to our strengths as a part of the wider picture to help young people thrive.