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The Posify Group offers workshops and programs of varying lengths to suit the classrooms, schools, communities and workplaces we work with. We are also available for keynote presentations at events and conferences on a wide range of well-being and engagement topics. Below are a few of the programs we currently offer. Each program can be manipulated to suit secondary school and early university students as well as staff professional development and parenting support. Most programs can also be adjusted to cater to upper primary students. We can work with you to integrate workshops into your existing curriculum programs and can develop specific workshops, programs or presentations according to your needs.

Stress Success
Understanding and manipulating stress for productivity, health and well-being
Port Macquarie youth workshop coming soon! Register your interest here.
Five to Thrive
Seligman’s five tenants of well-being unpacked and practically applied
Lion Ladies
Empowering girls and women with communication skills to inspire and lead fearlessly
Boost you Optimism
Flexible thinking styles to boost resilience and foster well-being
Live Longer
Relationships: How to nourish your most valuable predictor of longevity 
Got your Back
Flipping the bullying paradigm: strategies to move you from bystander to upstander
Mindfully Yours
Incorporating mindful moments in our day to day practice – off and online
Project YOU
Meaning and purpose propels learning and working from blah to boom!
Practical strategies for harnessing your strengths and finding your “why”.
To book a program or workshop, or for more information on how we can partner with you to boost optimism and improve wellbeing in your classroom, school, workplace or community, contact us on or contact us via our “Connect” page.