With mental health problems on the rise, well-being commands immediate attention. The Posify Group, a sister team, combine our industry expertise in education and psychology to make the science of positive psychology easily accessible to all. We seek to educate, inspire and empower individuals and communities to boost optimism and improve well-being. 

Delivering informative and creative events, workshops and keynotes, we promise a handcrafted experience tailored to the individual well-being needs of the organisations and individuals we work with, whether they be within a school, workplace, home or community setting.

In addition to the face-to-face work that we do, we endeavour to provide relevant and engaging online content to support our mission of assisting individuals and their communities to thrive. We hope that everyone who interacts with us, whether in person or online, leaves with a new piece of knowledge or skill that helps them towards becoming the best version of themselves. We aspire to a world where human flourishing is an everyday occurrence and we revel in all opportunities that lead us towards this goal.

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Mariane Power

Mariane believes emotional agility, grit and effective communication are essential skills that can and should be explicitly taught to the next generation of thought leaders. Committed to empowering individuals and communities with evidence-based psychological skills and strategies, she is currently completing her Masters in Clinical Psychology at The University of Newcastle. With a longstanding involvement in the field of Positive Psychology, Mariane is excited to be back in the research arena, investigating the effects of The Luminosity Youth Summit on well-being. Having committed the better part of a decade to supporting young people, their families and communities through counselling, she continues to be curious about the human condition and motivated to inspire positive change.

Mariane happily admits to spontaneous family dance parties in her kitchen with her hubby, two young kids and oversized Labradoodles, Max and Murphy. She is thrilled to be capitalising on sisterhood to bring you The Posify Group.

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Jenna Mynott

Jenna thrives on creativity, curiosity and play, and is passionate about the positive impact these activities can have on well-being and academic achievement. Jenna’s background sees an amalgam of over a decade in the corporate sector, intertwined with various education roles including teacher, facilitator, tutor and mentor. She loves finding new ways of connecting individuals with knowledge and helping them discover their purpose. While much of her current work is youth-based, Jenna enjoys working with individuals and groups of all ages and walks of life to assist them in moving from okay to optimal. In addition to her role at The Posify Group, Jenna is currently contracted as a high school English and Drama teacher and admits to being a life-long learner motivated by a desire to make a difference.

When she’s not teaching or discovering exciting new content with her sis for Posify, you’ll find Jenna with her busy toddler playing “chasies” in the park or making messes with paints and playdough indoors.

The information we provide on our website and practical activities we promote during our workshops are not designed to replace medical advice or professional services. If you or any individual you know require specific mental health support, please consult your school counsellor or GP. The following services also provide resources and support: 

Mental Health Access Line 1800 011511
LifeLine www.lifeline.org.au 111314